Services Offered

Consultation: When a couple or an individual visits the institute, a detailed assessment is done over the general history, medical history, sexual history, history of sexual and psychological problems, to arrive at a tentative diagnosis. Consultation is done in full privacy; lady doctor assists a female patient.  Exhaustive enquiry is done into the patient’s situation. Assessment of the couple’s relationship and psychological status is done besides medical examination. When a couple comes for consultation they are interviewed both separately and together.

Laboratory Investigations: Relevant Laboratory investigations are prescribed for assessing blood sugar, cholesterol, lipids, besides hormonal assays like testosterone, thyroid, and heart function through ECG, nerve conduction studies, penile blood flow, Rigiscan, pipe test etc.

Specialist Visits: Based on the results of the investigations other specialist visits like psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, urologist and endocrinologist are suggested.

Medication: After all the medical investigations are completed, decision is taken in consultation with the couple/individual for:

  • Management with drugs - Rx given as per the causative factor
  • Sex therapy procedures are explained to the couple/individual which can be practised at home
  • Correction of penile deformities and penile implant surgery done are done at the centre as a last resort for people suffering with incurable impotence
  • Sex aids such as vibrators, vacuum pumps, and vaginal dilators are suggested here based on Medical indications

Treatment: Planning treatment with concurrence of the couple and medical prescriptions.

Surgical Management: Circumcision, Penis enlargement surgery on indication, penile implants, hymenoplasty/revirgination operation, breast reduction and breast implant surgeries.

Pre-marital Counselling: Pre-marital Counseling is done for soon-to-be-married and newly married couples and individuals by appointment, wherein they are counseled about their Sexual Concerns through one-to-one classes of 3 sessions each lasting one and half hours time.

Sex Education: Sex Education is imparted to those needy groups of people such as students, psychologists, and for groups of people suffering with specific problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stress, life style disorders along with aged individuals and menopausal women.

Male Infertility: Male infertility is of grave concern and deserves equal attention as female infertility. Almost all infertility Centres are run by lady gynecologists and men are not examined at all/investigated poorly and are eventually sidelined when it comes to treatment. This is an unwarranted situation when men are at fault in half of the couples who are unable to beget a child. Inability to produce semen and erection failures at egg release dates are common in male infertility and treating this is the prime focus of LEO at present, since Dr. Alla Satyanarayana Reddy is a seasoned male gynecologist.

Interaction with peer professionals such as medical personnel, HIV societies etc. Starting a training Centre in sexual medicine for medical practitioners is under construction.

A Glimpse of Services Offered

  • Sex education
  • Pre marital sexual counseling
  • Sex therapy
  • Management of concerns about masturbation,night fall,size of the organs
  • Assessment of homosexuality and management
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Teen sex problems,above 40,gentlemen`s sex problems
  • Female sex problems
  • Couple problems
  • Tests for sex fitness,fitness for remarriage after a divorce
  • Infertility advises,andrological services
  • Sexually transmitted infections and hiv
  • Operations on male sex organs and for infertility
  • Operations on female sex organs
  • Sex aids and sex toys
  • Improvement in sexual  health and performance


  • Laboratory investigations
  • Vascular Doppler, Penile Doppler, ICP, RIGISCAN
  • Medical treatment
  • Surgeries
  • Counseling
  • Pharmacy